Colours in Motion @ Car-Free Sunday SG

Colours in Motion is a hands-on approach to learning and expressing through two mediums — dancing and painting. Using the body as the medium of brush, the project encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration with peers in creative production.

Participants will experience the creative and expressive nuances of these arts as well as discover strong linkages that exist between them. The workshop will also explore methods & techniques that are similar yet different in both arts through a blend of movement activities, painting and play with colours. Interspersed with these activities we will engage in verbal dialogues and reflection to deepen and enrich our experiences.

Participants will learn and experience the following:

1. Understand teamwork through collaboration
2. Spark creativity & Innovation
3. Expression of self through unconscious thought and action
4. Understand basic tenets of Art (Color Theory, Lines, Shapes, Emphasis, Texture)
5. Understand basic tenets of Dance (Body, Action, Space, Time, Energy)
6. Draw links between Art & Dance
7. Understand importance of patience through incremental layering
8. Explore concept of assimilation through medium of the human body

Workshop is proudly supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Sun Jun 26, 2016
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM SGT
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Outside Victoria Theatre
Colours in Motion Open Workshop FULL
Venue Address
9 Empress Pl, 179556 Singapore
Colours in Motion